Spite pain of migrant labourers who returned from dream cities, said now they will never go back

Spite pain of migrant labourers who returned from dream cities, said now they will never go back

The laborers say, during the pandemic period, it was understood that what is the importance of their villages and their soil, there are many problems when living outside

Cities show dreams. The bigger the city, the bigger the dream. Dream of development, prosperity, and better prospects. This dream draws people here to big cities. People get away from their home-family, relationships, and relationships in the city of their dreams. They spend their entire youth in prosperity and development by living under odd conditions. After so much sacrifice and contribution, when the crisis came, millions of people were prospectless badly by the cities of dreams. 

People returning from their dream city are now saying that they never go there. Our people and our government are our own. Many of these workers are also praising Yogi Adityanath that with his efforts he can return. However, the question here is also for the millions of laborers who have left for their homes on foot and are facing hunger and thirst. Some have received help from the Yogi government, and there are a large number of unemployed laborers, who have lost faith in the government.

So far, more than 100 laborers trying to reach home on foot or in any way have died. There is a big tragedy in them, which caused the workers to travel-hungry and thirsty due to the lockdown from Corona. Millions of people who had gone to earn living in the metros had to return from their desolation because they did not get bread without work.

Workers who have returned to their homes say that they will now give the rest of their time to their own. Whoever has his skills will contribute to the prosperity of the state. Some similar migrant workers and workers coming from different states meet at Gorakhpur railway station. The floor was different, but the travel experiences were the same.

Be it Ramajan of Maharajganj or Virendra who praised the Uttar Pradesh government's system of doing colorwork in Hyderabad. Said in unison, there was no problem with the journey of the train. From here the government will also leave us to our house. More or less, Harendra, a resident of Azhalgarh from Guntur, Yuki, a resident of Badhalganj, coming from Ludhiana.

Ramdeen of Maharajganj does cloth work in Ludhiana. He says, “During the pandemic period, we understood what the importance of our village is to our soil. There are many problems when living outside. On coming here, it was found that the government would also arrange for employment. Now everything is going to slow down slowly. "

Rahul, who went to earn a lot of money, also thinks that he should get less than two paise, but by staying in his village, he will fill his stomach with small jobs. External states do not have the affinity that is here. Everything has been seen in the time of the pandemic.